Recent Project Examples

Sustainable Procurement Plan

In order to discharge planning requirements for the new Meridian Water station our client required a sustainable procurement plan that fits in with local council objectives as well as those of the company and the project specific sustainability objectives. The plan was delivered on time and the condition was discharged without revision.

Client: CPMS & VolkerFitzpatrick - 2019

Key success factors
  • Local, company and project sustainability objectives addressed
  • Completed on time to ensure work can commence

Sustainability Strategy for IP

A large portfolio of Infrastructure Investment works required a sustainability strategy that would ensure the various projects achieve the highest possible standards and that would support the core project objectives.

Client: Network Rail (Anglia) - 2018

Key success factors
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainability that supports core objectives
  • Clear and actionable sustainability objectives

Embodied Carbon Reduction Through Design

A portfolio of design projects required quantified and measured reduction in embodied carbon through the infrastructure design process. This achieved by quantifying materials at every design stage, applying relevant conversion factors and suggesting options for reduction.

Client: BCS Design - 2018

Key success factors
  • Working carbon conversion models
  • Materials research
  • Design option comparisons

Project Consents Management

The West Anglia Mainline Project had over 100 project related consents which were critical in achieving key projects dates. We provided the client with full consent management and application services for various disciplines in order to ensure the project could be delivered on time.

Client: CPMS / VolkerFitzpatrick - 2019

Key success factors
  • Managing a large amount of internal and external stakeholders
  • Dealing with concentrated work volumes at critical stages
  • Ensuring planners were aware of consent timelines in order to plan work

Biodiversity offsetting pilot projects

Sustainability Sciences Ltd initiated two key biodiversity offsetting pilot projects for Network Rail (Anglia). The aim of these groundbreaking pilot projects were to show how biodiversity net gain can be achieved and to highlight the benefits, associated cost, process requirements and potential pitfalls. The lessons learnt from this process were subsequently used to inform Network Rail standards and guidance for future projects to achieve biodiversity net positive.

Client: CPMS / Network Rail (Anglia) - 2016-19

Key success factors
  • Groundbreaking process leadership in biodiversity offsetting
  • Used GIS technology with ground truthing exercise to determine biodiversity loss in a cost efficient manner
  • Lead the way in purchasing offsets from local conservation organisations
  • Showed that through project participation and volunteering days offsets could be achieved cost efficiently

Environment and Social Management Plan

Overhead Line Renewal Projects required an Environment and Social Management Plan in line with newly released standards and requirements from corporate level. The plan need to address a wide range of issues and be usable for a wide range of suppliers with clear objectives, reporting and monitoring frameworks.

Client: CPMS / Network Rail (Anglia) - 2020

Key success factors
  • Risk and Opportunity assessments for various suppliers
  • Compliance with legal requirements and internal strategies

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