We provide relevant, actionable and affordable
sustainability solutions for business and projects

What we do

Development and Design

  • Sustainable design plans
  • Sustainable options appraisals for early stage development
  • Design stage risk assessments
  • Embodied carbon calculation and analyses
  • Planning discharge applications
  • Design stage award schemes such BREEAM and CEEQUAL

Consents management and applications

  • Full consent and planning discharge management
  • Section 61 (noise and nuisance) consent for disruptive and out of hours work
  • Various Environment Agency related consents including discharge, dewatering and abstraction
  • Assent for working in protected areas such as SSSI's

Survey and Risk Assessment

  • Ecology surveys and assessments
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Contaminated land
  • General Environmental Risk Assessments covering virtually all elements of planning, environment and social risk for your site

Full cycle planning, auditing and monitoring

We provide management and technical consulting for a wide range of projects and services include:

  • Sustainability strategy and management plans
  • Consents and commitment registers 
  • Stakeholder and neighborhood consultation and communication
  •  Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management
  • Audits and Inspections (to project or company standards or general industry standards)

Railway GRIP products
We have a strong background in the transport sector and specifically the UK railway Industry and are familiar with relevant standards such as GRIP
  • Environment and Social Appraisal
  • Environment and Social Management Plan 
  • Consent and commitment strategy
  • Consents register
  • Stakeholder management plans

Business and Corporate Sustainability

We provide a range of standard and bespoke business services including product compliance audits, training and strategy formulation

Development and Infrastructure Services

We support development and infrastructure projects with anything from sustainability and design strategy to consent management, environmental surveys and risk assessments

Step-By-Step Sustainability

Step-By-Step Sustainability is an assurance and accreditation program for business. It helps companies effectively target a few sustainability issues relevant to its sector, market, product or service and ultimately its own values

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